PROFILE #003: CHADNER NAVARRO, travel writer & EIGHTY Editor

PROFILE #002: Chadner Navarro, travel writer & EIGHTY Editor


In this episode, we talked to travel writer and EIGHTY editor Chadner Navarro about what it's really like to travel all the damn time, how you can travel for free, tips and tricks for aspiring travel writers, where to travel next, and much more. 


How can one travel for free NOW?

The best way to travel for free is to find a job that lists travel as one of its major responsibilities. That means someone else will be footing the bill for your trip. From there, you can always try and extend your trips for more personal exploration. Also, if you already use a credit card, consider using one with travel rewards or cards from your favorite airlines. But regardless of whether you're paying for your trips or someone else is, sign up for airline and hotel loyalty programs. They may occasionally force your hand when it's time to book, but eventually they'll pay off with free flights and accommodations. In the meantime, the hotel programs usually give members, at the very least, free Wi-Fi. 

Advice on how to sustain a travel writing career.

On a financial level, being a travel writer isn't easy—especially if you do it as a freelancer. Yes, the travel opportunities that become available to you once you start moving your career forward can be seductive. But the publishing industry is notoriously stingy with pay rates these days. This means you have to be selective with the kind of trips you take as not every destination will bring in many assignments. It also means that you have to work a lot and write a lot. It's not rare to find freelance travel writers supplementing their writing career with side jobs. Other writers are also writers on the side. As in, they have other, unrelated work that serve as their primary income, and they occasionally do travel-writing on the side. 



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